Monday, February 15, 2016

On the way down

This tumbled out of me in about ten minutes or so one afternoon recently, a lyrical comedown to a helluva year for me out there in a world that's had a helluva year. 


up you’re hurled
cruising round the world
meeting boys and girls
living out of a bag
off the smell of an oily rag
catching shows and contagions
crossing borders by the legions
of the undead memes
that flow through our embodied dreams
gulfs lie between us
coast along life intra veinous
do you think they’ve seen us?
do you think they’ve been us ?
on one side of the frontier
it’s a laugh and a beer
on the other side of the fence
there’s refugees screaming out in silence
on one side of the wall
there’s a field of flowers tall
on the other side of the barricade
there’s one hell of a mess that we have made
you feel touched by the landscape
touched by sleazes touched then escape
tumbled round like coins in a drier
softened up like beans over a fire
tangled up in lines like a dolphin in a river
working involuntarily like toxins in a liver
making choices like you have forgotten how to
hearing voices by the million some to ignore some to bow to
wondering why you bother trying to make all of this rhyme
is it really worth it? do I have that much time ?
asking questions like you own them
not listening to people when you phone them
drowning fishes in the sea
with coltan coal-fired modernity
catching films down at the plaza
drink a coffee learn about gaza
take a side and find some balance
do some yoga pay say no thanks
greet the gods while driving round
highways meander say you spent time underground
famous people went there too
built a castle sang a song or two
broke a barrier put one up
drank too much forgot my cup
left my home left my money
plug a hole up while its sunny
hope for futures without hunger
waste your life tell others not to squander
catch your breath and a glimpse
say you’ve met presidents and homeless pimps
say you saved someone from themselves
forget your way and the details
lost in transit, translation and town
got no change but you smile at the clown
on the way down


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